Here goes nothing.

Instead of annoying people on Instagram with my rants and thoughts. I felt it would be more productive to take some time to make a place where I can freely write what I think and feel, and share it with those who are interested in reading it..

Now I know that I’m an average Joe with not a whole lot going for himself. But I truly believe that there is value in being honest and vulnerable with people about life. In starting this blog my only hope is that something I write even if it’s just one sentence, resonates with you. I’m not here to gain popularity, or become some well off blogger. I’m here to share some of my life experience, some of my hurt, some of my turmoil. In hope that you can relate to it or learn something new.  Not because I think I’m a know it all (Even though that’s definitely how I come across 99% of the time) but because I feel like a hard life lesson not talked about is a wasted lesson in itself.  I’ve never been one to shy away from talking about the realities of life that some times get over looked. Especially when it comes to mental health, and christianity.  However, this blog isn’t just for people who have suffered from mental illness, or have a relationship with some sort of religion. This is for anyone and everyone, just the way it should be.

Before we get in to the nitty gritty of what’s going inside the head of Joseph Tyler Clarke. Let me just quickly give you an update on where I’m at with life. I left my dream job as a Youth Pastor nearly 9 months ago, for reasons that I will definitely be addressing soon enough. After finishing up working as a Youth Pastor I thought my life was over. I genuinely thought I’d ruined my entire life, and that all the work I’d put in was all for nothing. Along with ruining my life, I also managed to push away a lot of people that were very dear to me. Depression and anxiety not for the first time in my life became my best friends once again, and a God that I had once spoken and preached about to hundreds of people became a God I didn’t want anything to do with. (hypocrite, I know)

A lot of the things I will be talking about are still very raw to me. I am hurting, learning, trying to get better, and still working through a lot of shit. But I genuinely feel that I need to get some of these things off my chest, to open up, and be vulnerable.

If you’re reading this and you don’t know me very well, I’m not one to really think before I speak. This in itself is both a blessing and a curse. So you may just have to take things I say with a grain of salt every now and again or you may end up being offended by something I say. I wont lie, I’m pretty opinionated, and I say what I think and it’s never my intention to hurt or upset anyone,  but from my life experience so far it is unfortunately quite a common occurrence.

But that’s enough about me and my life. Without further adieu, welcome to the inside of my mind. Please feel free to leave a comment, even if it’s constructive criticism. More than anything I just ask that you be nice if you comment, or leave me any advice. I may seem like a hard arse, but I really am a softie. Despite what my attitude, personality, tattoos, and music taste says about me.

I really look forward to properly talking soon.


P.S I flunked English in high school so I do apologise if I make grammatical errors every now and again..